The Genesis System

A New Way of Doing Business

Van Hook Service Company has developed a new way of providing our customers with outstanding HVAC&R services, called, GENESIS.

The use of new custom created information technology provides our customers with the information and management tools they need to oversee their substantial investment in all mechanical equipment serviced by Van Hook Service Company.


Major Components of Genesis

Global Positioning Satellites

The latest Global Positioning Satellite technology is installed in every Van Hook Service Company vehicle. This allows for the most efficient dispatching and reduces the time it takes to get a technician to your service call. The fastest route to your location will be provided to reduce travel time and expense. Our monitoring center located in our main office continually shows the location of every vehicle IN REAL TIME, to insure we can get the right technician to you in the least amount of time.


Real Time Data Transfer between Technician & Main Office

Every Van Hook Service Company service technician is equipped with an iPad that is utilized for all information exchange between our main office and the technician. ALL information required to complete the job will be transferred via our custom iOS application accurately and in real time including: service calls, problem description, customer information, location, hours, materials, completed work description, preventive maintenance contracts, work schedules, PO numbers, photos, and more.

Technicians have access to technical manuals, manufacturer's websites, technical drawings, specifications, customer history, equipment history, previous service calls, and more, all at their finger tips.


Customer Web Portal

Every customer can have the ability to sign into our Van Hook Service Company Website to check on any service call or job his/her company has placed with us. They are able to tell IN REAL TIME the current status, the estimated time of completion, and the amount of time and material that has been applied to that particular service call or job.

All of the benefits of our GENESIS system are too numerous to list here. We are continually soliciting our customers' input to find how we can make their job more efficient and productive. We have designed GENESIS as best we can to facilitate our customers efforts to manage their capital assets. Now that all of the information is in the "digital world", what we can do with this information will be limited only by our customers and our imagination.


GENESIS is the beginning of the new age of high quality service available only to Van Hook Service customers.